Big Reveals from the Covid 19 Pandemic

Blog By Dermot Moore

The Covid 19 pandemic brought the realities of death and suffering into great prominence. But from the covid wreckage, we are gaining valuable insights. 

A Vaccine that Cares

The lightning turnout of vaccinations revealed how effectively humans can cooperate in a global emergency. The new vaccines have also spurred research around trust in science and what societal factors hinder it. Research necessary to improve public relations with health-related science and other technologies. 

A Virus Calling for Sustainable Innovation!

In tandem with Covid 19, green tech has experienced a surge in popularity. Vaccines have possibly kindled newfound hope in the potential of sustainable technology for a long time, viewed as inconvenient compared to nonrenewables. In addition, the pandemic as a whole has led to increased environmental awareness. People realise the urgency of establishing greater resilience to global disasters, as the vulnerability of human health and our economies was highlighted. Reducing pollution from food and energy consumption is top of the list. Both have been identified as primary contributors to the most pressing issues of climate change and environmental degradation. 

Valuing the Little Guys

Economic wounds inflicted by Covid 19 are severe. But opportunities for a sustainable future are in sight. This is apparent amongst small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These areas have taken the brunt of impact. This sector “accounts for over 95% of all businesses” and contributes 60-70% of industrial pollution. Transitioning SMEs to green energy is a positive step. Initial costs are deterring, but this investment will provide long-term financial relief. SMEs also tend to function on a more local level. This places them in a solid position to aid sustainable practices on a community level.

The Littlest Guys

Startups will also be key drivers of transition to a green economy. Unfortunately, the pandemic caused many to shut down. However, those who pursue green innovation are more likely to escape this fate if they survive the short-term burdens. 

Why Green Startups Will Succeed

Green startups are hubs for a passionate young generation of environmentalists. With venture capitalists’ growing investment and environmentally driven government regulations, green startups will be central to the global economy. Trust in traditional institutions has also been corroded by Covid 19. The socio-economic landscape has altered as people have redirected their consumer values. Business as usual is beginning to lose meaning, as ‘Usual’ is no longer helpful.

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