Offset Your Carbon Footprint

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Offset Your Carbon Footprint Today

Our unique decarbonisation programme enables our community to actively offset carbon footprints and contribute towards decarbonising our planet. The more you share, the greater the impact.

Join today and become part of the hemp revolution!

  • What It Is and How It Works

    Our Decarbonisation Programme funds:

    • Our charity partner, Practical Action, in its development of a Renewable Energy for Agriculture project in Malawi.
    • Your carbon offset commissions and tree-planting programme.
    • Help shape the future of construction and how we build our homes by supporting essential R&D of bio-based cladding materials.
  • The Power of Sharing for Carbon Commissions

    Every £10 in commission = 1 tonne of carbon offset + 1 new tree planted in the UK.

    Your contribution to offsetting is unlimited with the power of sharing. The more people you introduce, who then sign up, the more carbon you’ll be offsetting.

    Once we have funded our R&D through grants, equity investment and revenue, we will divert the R&D funding into Practical Action’s projects.

  • Example: The Power of 3

    By introducing 3 people to Canvas Club who all purchase a £10 per month subscription, you would offset a minimum of 12 tonnes of carbon and Plant 12 Trees. If all the other people in your network do the same, you could offset 46 Tonnes of Carbon and plant 46 Trees – all for one £10 per month subscription.

    Simply, the more people you introduce, the more carbon you offset – at no extra cost to you. Your offsetting and tree-planting potential is massive; it all depends on how much you share.

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  • Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

    Whatever the size of your household or company, you can compare your contribution to your – or your organisation’s – carbon footprint. Holidays, commutes, family life, can all be totted up to work out your monthly cost.

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How We Carbon Offset

Your subscription goes towards reforestation and regeneration.

We guarantee carbon offsetting by pairing our tree planting projects with Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) approved carbon credits. Our Tree Buddying programme means for each tonne of carbon offset, we plant a tree in the UK.

Your subscription supports REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) programmes and helps create a financial value for carbon stored in forests. Our programmes reduce deforestation across Brazil, estimating 1,187,389t CO2e per year.

It is a powerful way of conserving and reducing our emissions.

Canvas Club Network Access

View your growing network, use sharing tools and access images and content to post on your social channels. Subscription required.

Your Questions Answered

  • Where do the Carbon Offset payments go?

    All Carbon Offset commissions accrued by Canvas Club members get paid into a bespoke Carbon offset Scheme via Carbon Footprint Ltd. Carbon Offset Ltd provides a portfolio of projects that meet the requirements under the Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) for Carbon Offsetting.

  • What does the Research and Development funding pay for?

    Pure Research and Development (R&D). Canvas Club subscriptions directed to cover R&D costs will never pay for management salaries or other central overheads unless they are directly related to the R&D of bio-based cladding, insulation and building system technologies.

  • Who makes sure Hemspan® will do what they say they will?

    The company has gone to great lengths to appoint senior board executives with a strong track record of board governance across SME's and multi-national companies. In addition, the board will appoint additional non-executive directors tasked with holding the executive team to account and the appointment of independent auditors.

  • Is my subscription an investment?

    No. Subscriptions are purely reward-based and are not classed as an investment or any other similar financial instrument.

  • Why doesn't Hemspan® pay for R&D?

    In the future, the company will be able to fund R&D from profits. Still, additional funding is required for the next 3-5 years to accelerate our mission to disrupt conventional construction and de-carbonise the built environment. Therefore, we will also take every opportunity to obtain grant funding from government schemes to achieve maximum impact.

  • What happens to subscription once Hemspan® begins to fund its own R&D?

    Once all R&D has been funded, Hemspan® will divert all unallocated R&D subscription funds to Practical Action's Renewable Energy for Agriculture project in Malawi.