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Offset Your Carbon Footprint Today

Join our Ambassador program and become a key player in our mission to combat climate change and create a sustainable future.

By joining, you not only have the opportunity to earn commissions but also contribute to reducing carbon emissions and leaving a positive impact on our planet.

The more you share our revolutionary hemp products, the greater difference you can make in shaping a greener world.

We invite you to join us today and be a part of the hemp revolution that is transforming the way we live, one sustainable step at a time.

  • How It Works

    Our Programme:

    • Helps spread the word of sustainable construction materials, creating a groundswell of change in the industry
    • Earns you commission for every sale made in your network of clients, friends and colleagues
    • Shaping the future of construction and how we build our homes
  • Earn Commission

    Every sales made with your unique Ambassador link will earn you a commission of 3%


  • Example: The Power of 3

    Simply, the more people you introduce, the more carbon you offset – at no extra cost to you. Your offsetting and tree-planting potential is massive; it all depends on how much you share.

  • Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

    Whatever the size of your household or company, you can compare your contribution to your – or your organisation’s – carbon footprint. Holidays, commutes, family life, can all be totted up to work out your monthly cost.

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How We Carbon Offset

Your subscription goes towards reforestation and regeneration.

We guarantee carbon offsetting by pairing our tree planting projects with Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) approved carbon credits. Our Tree Buddying programme means for each tonne of carbon offset, we plant a tree in the UK.

Your subscription supports REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) programmes and helps create a financial value for carbon stored in forests. Our programmes reduce deforestation across Brazil, estimating 1,187,389t CO2e per year.

It is a powerful way of conserving and reducing our emissions.

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