Futurebuild 2022


By Lulie Anderson

Futurebuild 2022 was our first expo and marked the official launch of Hemspan®. We wanted to show our dedication to sustainable building solutions and commitment to disrupting conventional construction. Futurebuild 2022 was a great fit, with over 300 exhibitors and 350 speakers addressing how the built environment can go beyond net-zero. To be among so many established companies and trailblazers in sustainability innovation was inspiring. In addition, the atmosphere and energy around the show were fantastic.

Why We Were There 

We had so much to talk about: Our building projects, products and the research and development of biocomposite building solutions we are working on with our partners. 

It was incredibly validating to meet such an enthusiastic audience. We hadn’t known what to expect, our voices and feet felt we had been busy, but we were elated to find out we were officially the 2nd most visited stand! 


Bio Wall and Bio Flex, our natural hemp fibre insulation, was so favourably received we brought the official launch date ahead by two months. We’re now taking pre-orders for our second consignment! It shows that the appetite for natural building solutions that tread lightly on the planet continues to grow. 

R&D Products 

Exhibitors also got to see what we’ve been developing with our partner Cecence and brand partner Margent Farm. The tactile nature of the shiv board, veneered ply and the first iteration of a SIPS panel led to lively conversations about what solutions hemp could be the answer to; the conclusion?