How Hemspan® prices compare with conventional insulation?

Blog By Dermot Moore

We are frequently asked how our hemp insulation prices compare to conventional insulation. We answer that the initial cost of hemp insulation products are currently more than some traditional insulations. You pay a premium for hemp right now. Hemp insulation cost benefits, whilst not immediately tangible, reap many and some unexpected rewards.

Personal Value – Health

Natural insulation reduces exposure to volatile organic compounds and stabilises humidity. As a result, risk reduction is visible in air purification for occupants and construction workers.

External Value

Hemp is more than a green construction tool. The use of hemp also influences:

  • Agriculture. Diversifying crops, regenerating soil and biosphere, and absorbing pollutants from ground and water. 
  • Job prospects in rural areas.
  • Reduction of pollution caused by mining.
  • Stronger linkages between rural and urban socio-economic sectors.

As a homeowner, these might appear to be irrelevant factors. However, investing in a truly sustainable home can advantage a chain of environmental and human requirements.

Conventional insulation can successfully conserve home energy. But if your aims are environmental, the value of bio-based materials cannot be matched.

Typical Hemp Investor

People investing in hemp tend to be environmentally driven and health-conscious with a long-term outlook. Therefore, improving personal health and leaving a liveable environment for future generations is crucial in their decision-making. 

Current Drawbacks

Price and availability can be an issue, but this is changing. Climate-propelled value change, regulation change and a growing supply chain mean hemp’s viability is only increasing.

The benefits of hemp insulation are plenty. The future is hemp! 

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