Heroes, Who Needs ‘Em?

Blog By Dermot Moore

Heroes can be more than those who appear on film. In real life, heroes help us define limits to our aspirations. They can be pioneers of new technology or industry. 

Who to choose?

With the backdrop of climate catastrophe, sustainable innovators fit the bill. However, it seems this was not an initial thought of Ian Pritchett, Managing Director at Greencore Construction Ltd. Ian described himself as a “bit of a climate change sceptic” in his earlier years. But things changed in the late 90s when he met the late Neil May (Founder of Good Homes Alliance and Passivhaus Trust). From Neil, Ian learned about ecological building. Ian also worked on windmills, where he visibly experienced climate change. As a result, from the early 2000s, Ian has been immersed in sustainable construction. 

Sustainable Forerunners

Since 2013 Ian has been with Greencore. The company is a pioneering force in the UK. With several sustainable builds under its belt, Greencore combines natural, carbon-capturing materials and solar energy. Greencore is helping set the model for construction in a climatically unpredictable future. 


Hemp, lime and timber are central to Greencore’s projects. Hemp has been breaking out in construction over the past decade. However, misguided attitudes, costs and regulations have limited the ability to showcase its benefits. In the UK, Greencore is amongst the pioneers. Their latest project, Springfield Meadows, is perhaps the most sustainable in the UK. It has “been awarded One Planet Living Global Leader status by the leading environmental charity, Bioregional.” In achieving this, Greencore is expanding hemp’s boundaries. 


Hemp-based construction is often prepared offsite and then assembled on location. This reduces accident risks by: 

  • Creating safer, less cluttered onsite environments
  • Reducing the length of build and time for accidents to occur

Safety on construction sites should be of utmost concern. Most fatal accidents occur in this industry. These constructions also protect the inhabitants. Positives are not noticeable immediately, but quality and longevity of life are improved. 

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Green building in the city