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Bio Flex Natural, Sustainable, breathable


£10.00£48.00 (ex. Vat)

HEMSPAN® Bio Flex natural fibre hemp insulation is made with technical hemp fibres. Bio Flex has very low water vapour diffusion resistance and excellent thermal and acoustic properties. With its outstanding thermal performance and flexibility, it entirely replaces glass and mineral wool insulation. It is ideally suited for internal, thermal or acoustic insulation and perfect for sustainable construction.

Suitable For:

  • Loft insulation
  • Pitched roofs, between rafters, joists and studs
  • Between floor joists
  • Internal acoustic wall insulation
  • Inserted into ceiling frames and suspended soffits
  • Partition walls

Sizes: 1100mm x 600mm | 1100mm x 370mm

Pricing: 50mm = £7.27/sqm | 100mm = £14.55/sqm

(Bespoke sizes available for large orders)

HEMSPAN® Bio Board

£10.00£21.60 (ex. Vat)

HEMSPAN® Bio Board is a 100% natural fibre interior construction board product consisting of hemp straw and a mineral binding agent. The pure natural materials, water resistance and breathability contribute to a healthy living environment.

Suitable For:

  • Alternative to plasterboard (with lime plaster)
  • Use as a non-load bearing board
  • Interior construction board
  • Dry and damp rooms, including bathrooms

Size: 19mm x 1200mm x 800mm

Pricing: £22.50/sqm

Bio Wall natural, sustainable, breathable


£9.00£18.00 (ex. Vat)

HEMSPAN® Bio Wall natural fibre hemp insulation is semi-rigid and eco-friendly. Made with technical hemp fibres, Bio Wall replaces the need for polystyrene, glass, and mineral wool insulation. Ideally suited to external, thermal or acoustic insulation, Bio Wall offers excellent thermal performance.

Suitable For:

  • External walls
  • External panelling
  • Internal thermal and acoustic wall insulation
  • Flat roofs with mechanical fixings
  • Pitched roofs

Size: 1100mm x 600mm

Pricing: 50mm = £13.64/sqm | 100mm = £27.27/sqm

(Bespoke sizes available for large orders)

Bio Block Hero Image

HEMSPAN® Bio Block

£350.00 (ex. Vat)

Bio Block is a superior material combining insulation and thermal mass properties. Composed of hemp shiv, hydrated dolomitic lime and probiotics.

  • Size: 500mm (w) x 200mm (h)
  • 120 blocks of 80mm depth (12sqm)
  • 80 blocks of 120mm depth (8sqm)
  • 40 blocks of 250mm depth (4sqm)
  • 30 blocks of 300mm depth (3sqm)

HempWood® Organic Flooring

£10.00£240.00 (ex. Vat)

HempWood® is an American-made floor covering that goes from seed to floor within 150 days – that’s faster than bamboo! With a Janka hardness rating of 2,200 lbf, this engineered hardwood is ready to withstand what life has to offer. HempWood® Natural Flooring is a USDA Certified BioBased product and is carbon-negative from cradle to gate (Carbon Offset included for USA to UK shipping).

Board Size: 16mm x 127mm x 1219 to 1829mm (mixed sizes)

Pack Size: 1.86sqm

Pricing: £129.03/sqm

(Discount available for large orders)