Who We Are

We are on a mission

To disrupt conventional construction. Combining modern methods, technology and hemp natural insulation to produce carbon negative solutions.

Our Values



Our planet is in crisis, and now is the time to act. The future is at the forefront of every decision made at Hemspan®. We will continue developing natural products, including natural insulation, that benefit the planet and alleviate the problems that the building and construction industry contribute to climate change.

39% of all carbon emissions in the world are caused by the building and construction industry. 28% of these emissions come from the energy used to heat, cool and light buildings; the remaining 11% are from carbon associated with the materials and construction processes throughout the whole building life cycle.

In the UK, 45% of the total carbon emissions are produced by the construction environment. The average new-build house emits 50 to 60 tonnes from the manufacture, transport and assembly of the materials, known as Embodied Carbon. The operational emissions of this house will emit a further 5 tonnes of CO₂ on average per year. Thus, a new house could emit around 200 tonnes of CO₂ by 2050.



Hemspan® designs and builds fit for purpose, creating beautiful, sustainable homes for the future, with people and our modern way of life in mind.

According to UK Government statistics, in 2020, the average electricity bill across all payment types was £707, and gas was around £557.

According to a USGBC report, green buildings can reduce carbon emissions by up to 34%, consume less energy and lower operating costs, with 63% less water usage and 53% less electricity usage.

In addition to reduced operational costs, the elimination of thermal bridging provides an airtight home, maintaining the best comfortable temperature in all weathers.



As the future of construction, Hemspan® will advocate, advance and realise the best buildings of tomorrow. With natural materials, including the best natural insulations, we can help change the face of construction, making the industry cleaner and greener, taking it closer to the 2050 net-zero emissions target faster.



Hemspan® will secure its financial success with integrity​ and without compromising our values. We will grow the best company that uses business as a force for good, considering the long term costs and ensuring value for money.

Reaching for the Stars

We have set high standards that will benefit the building industry and wider society through our research and development projects, the products we sell and the community we are creating and inspiring.

  • Governance

    Hemspan® will drive opportunities for research and development in bio-based building materials.

    We are creating awareness and educating about responsible and sustainable best-building choices.

  • Targets

    We aim to deliver:

    • Mass-produced weather-boarding bio solution by 2024.
    • Hemp-based insulated cladding capable of mass production by 2026.
    • At least 200 net-zero carbon homes by 2026.