Who We Are

We are a construction technology business

Our mission is to develop the bio-based, circular systems to capture and store atmospheric carbon in buildings, and deliver climate-positive community living at scale.

Our Values

We are growing the best company that uses business as a force for good, considering the long term costs and ensuring value for money.


    We prioritise the scaleable activities and developments that deliver the greatest positive, tangible impact to our buildings, communities and environment. Less words, more action.


    We’re never complacent, always questioning the status quo, always pushing boundaries. We actively put time aside to ask ‘is there a better way?’


    We hold ourselves to the highest standards in design and build, and the services we provide to our customers. We highlight and reward excellence when we see it.

  • ZEAL

    We are a business and team fuelled by purpose. We value vim and vigour, and making the environment

    we live in a better place. We invest in the activities our team feels is important to the environment around us.


    We value lateral thinking and new ideas. We’re don’t come down hard on mistakes, so long as we learn and improve. We need to create the new opportunities in order to seize them. And for that we need to bring our whole selves to work

Innovating to maximise carbon removal

Removing atmospheric carbon is the key driver to building our business and improving the world we live in through our research and development projects, the products we sell and the community we are creating and inspiring.

  • Governance

    HEMSPAN® will drive opportunities for research and development in bio-based building materials.

    We are creating awareness and educating about responsible and sustainable best-building choices.

  • Targets

    We aim to deliver:

    • Mass-produced bio-based panellised building system by 2025
    • Bio-based structural racking board development, capable of wide scale production by 2026
    • Minimum 200 net-zero carbon homes by 2026